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A charming

How can one explain what is unique and indescribable? You just can’t. Everyone has to live and feel for themselves: get lost in the alleys, with stone houses, born in very remote times; or walk around and learn to love nature: fields, forests and mountains. It becomes an unforgettable experience.

Hostal Estrella Rupit

A stone village stopped in medieval times in the middle of the Collsacabra. With views of the Guilleries, the Montseny, the cliffs of Tavertet, l’Avenc and El Far. Surrounded by nature, rivers and waterfalls. It is a little gem of central Catalonia.

The Collsacabra sub-region offers a perfect balance between geological grandeur and human activity. In the center we find Rupit, between the cliffs of Aiats and La Garrotxa, at an altitude of 845 meters.

A few kilometers away a scattered set of farmhouses, known as Pruit, evokes a time when wealth was tied to the land.

Hostal Estrella Rupit